March 16th, 2004


*bounce bounce snow*

so um, there is white shit falling from the sky. it took way too long to drive from east watertown to east arlington (it usually takes 8 min at this time of night. it took atleast 20) darxus is switching around masters and slaves on his gameing machine so he can run xp, and i'm acctually looking at lj and just, sitting. lots of packing was done today, mostly by my parents, 'cause they can be cool like that. we also bought me some more lamps ('cause i have less overhead stuff in the new place, thank GOD, i hate downlight) and some other things, like a paper towel holder and my mother keeps buying me things to organize, she's ocd i swear, and yea. fun. got utilitis set up. i'm so happy i no longer pay heat or gas. now we are gonna watch more futurama (i've been getting him addicted, muahaha) so yea... i'm MOVEING!!! YEA!!!

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