March 18th, 2004


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i'll beable to fall asleep by myself if i have to tonight, right?

i should have had him call me either way when he left the club....


he called. i don't have to fall asleep by myself. which is good. 'cause i'm really not sure if i could...

but i don't WANNA go offline....

i go offline now. i take all the comcast hardwear, and go and sit in the new place for two hours until they come. i will set up my wifi again. then i might get a new wifi card so my connection doesn't go out 'cause of the crack in the case darxus caused (no honey, i'm never ever letting that go. ok, maybe i will when i get a new one, *cough cough*) i leave myself logged in to various clients in trillian all the time for a REASON, i don't like that they keep on going out.

so yea. i'll still be checking e-mail tonight, at darxus's place. and on saturday i move in. i might go over to the new place friday night for the sole purpose of checking e-mail and chatting online, who knows.


why am i awake again???
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