September 28th, 2004


Observations for today

1- I really enjoy being a bitch FAR too much
2- I don't get to do it nearly enough
3- I'm a bad goth. Rain makes me sad. (though i like the night, so i'm not THAT bad of a goth)
4- I'm happier when my apartment is clean
5- My hair doesn't have enough purple in it
6- I'm poly 'cause i like falling in love. If i don't think i can fall in love with someone, i probably shouldn't get involved, 'cause that's the fun part for me. NRE, being in love, etc. Don't get me wrong, i like sex, but it's not why i do this. I do this for the emotional connections. And i can date someone even if i don't fall in love with them (sometimes chooseing not to, i can do that a little) but i can't really get involved with someone i could never fall in love with.