November 9th, 2004


Conspiracy, I tell you, a conspiracy!

This body of mine, i swear, is consipreing against my well being and happyness. I'm not sure who my body is conspireing with, but i do know who it's conspireing against. Me. My head is hurting, ok, its past midnight, that is not unreasonable you say (esp with the neighboor upstairs that I have. I don't feel like dealing with her psychoness, so i might mention to the management company to mention to her that she needs to get area rugs. or slippers. or both. and the people next to me have a 2 year old that likes to throw himself against the wall at 10am, and sometimes 10pm, but as that is against my livingroomwall i'm not too worried. i don't think i have a neighboor presently shareing my bedroom wall, thank the goddess for that one.) but is made far far worse when i threw up promptly before i was supposed to go over to Darxus's place to spend an evening consisting probably of mostly snuggling and maybe even a little bit of sex. So i let him know, even though he didn't know I was planning on being there when he walked in the door, just so he knew. I told him i'd be over later, that I think i just needed to throw up, that this happened all the time in High School when i didn't sleep (been sleeping wonderfully), ate like crap (no, had real food today. and yesterday too, and well, i eat much better in general these days), and was smokeing far far too much, which is to say more than not at all (haven't had a cigarette, at all, not even a drag, in like, two months, and haven't purchased a pack since June or so. and haven't smoked consistantly for almost two years now) so no, that can't be it.

But after throwing up I felt better, so I told Darxus i'd be over later. And then, of course, just when i start feeling good again, my intestines decided to suck in the other direction (and i shall spare all of you the gory details) but needless to say, i've spent far more time in my bathroom tonight than initially planned. between there, the couch with my computer, and the bed, with a book, that i'd like to get into if my tummy would just let me sit and read for a few minutes, or my head would stop pounding. and i'm afraid to take anything, 'cause i'd most likely just throw it back up.

And as It is after midnight, even if i started feeling better enough not to be getting up out of bed every thirty seconds (that is an exaggeration, for those of you who don't know that I do that a lot), i can't go over to Darxus's place. This not living with him thing needs to stop. Like now. *growls* 7 more months something will die.