November 23rd, 2004


Yea, i think i'm gonna remember this one for a while...

So i had my dinner date with ert last night. this has been getting postponed and stupid for a while now. We met in Harvard Square for Indian food, had some wine, yummy things, and were haveing a generally marvilous time. That was, until i realized i was haveing an allergic reaction to *something*
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We deduced, over dinner, that it was the cashews in the sauce that was probably causing the reaction. i've had some mild reactions to nuts recently, nothing nearly this bad, and the entire experience was kinda scary, but he was great through the whole thing. had i ended up at the hospital, i would have probably called darxus and maybe annie, but ert was really very attentive and wonderful. it wasn't the first date we were hopeing for, but it was certaintly memorable, and was rather intimate in a strange kinda way. :-)

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there are a few random ass livejournal users that have added me to their friendslist recently. this is fine, but if you want me to add you back, it would be nice to step up and introduce yourself, otherwise, i'm not going to even pretend to care more than this. also, if you know me IRL, and have added me recently, and i haven't added you back, assume i have no clue who the fuck you are, and let me know. esp if you don't have useful user pics.


PS i just deleted a few people from my friends list recently. if you kick and scream and whine about it, that gives me less reason to want to add you back, so please refrain.
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