January 18th, 2005



I start up at Lesley today. Ok, today is just a little bit of orientation. I snagged Darxus's T-Pass this morning... I should look into getting weekly passes for the next two weeks. (Darxus is rideing into work this morning... even though it's 9 degrees out... ) I *think* i'm stopping by the diesl afterwords, as i'll be in cambridge already, might as well. I then have a full day of orientation tomorrow, and then classes start thursday. I'm excited, apprehensive, and totally not sure if i'm ready... i might go to the cambrdigeside to try and pick up a backpack before makeing it over to lesley, we'll see. I'm looking at ordering something for a laptop-backpack that will also carry other stuffs, but i'm gonna need something starting this week. '

I'm sooo... nervious. The whole thing is kinda surreal.

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I'm not going to the diesl. I'm emotionally drained and feeling reclusive. I'll write about today when I write about tomorrow. Let me just say, I hate orientations, I hate feeling akward, and I know I come off as standoffish and defensive when i'm uncomforatable, so be it.

I'll be ok once classes start, this shit just drives me nutz.