January 28th, 2005


death by school

so the new laptop has no printer port, it has USB ports. i have no USB cable... and i *think* my printer will work with USB, it's 2:30, i'm not at darxus's place yet, i have class in 7 hours. I die now.

It took me forever to figuer out what to say, but once i did, it took about 30 minutes to write the two pages.

*and* i misspelled the prof's name in her e-mail adress, so i had to re-send it, and the TA will know i'm a dumbass....

/me dies.

I nap tomorrow. make sure to have a working computer set up for this weekend, and then i get to see ert

this is NOT a way to start off a renewed school career. old habbits die only at gunpoint i guess. need to find that gun, and fast.

/me dies for real this time.
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