February 19th, 2005


Houseing Excitement Thwarted.

This was not a single family house that we looked at. The realitor who posted the add (on craigslist, under realitor-no fee, and said "fee negotiable") "thought" that it was a single family house, and said "well the pictures made it look that way" I am *pissed* He's been very un-professional, and I'm considering calling the real estate company he works for an complain. And I don't normally do shit like that.

That, and I've since decided that unless it's really amazing sounding, and potentially real, we're not moveing to Arlington Hights. It's Just a *bit* to far out for us right now. And yes, I realize lots of you reaing this live farther out, but this is what works for us right now.

Ok, time to report this jerk to craiglist abuse.

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