February 21st, 2005


I have a friend!

Ok, I have lots of friends, but now I have a friend from school! She's in all my classes on Monday/Wednesday, she's cute and blond, kinda shy and quiet, does *not* seem like she's 19, and we talked for about an hour and a half after class today, over food, about *real* things. It was awesome.

On a completely different note... we (Darxus and I)(most likely) have an apartment. :-) Darxus will move in end of March, I will (officially) move in mid/end of May, but I plan on slowly moveing stuff over there, and takeing time to decorate my room(s) I will write more about it later... Darxus just went across the street to xerox the rental application (the landlord only gave us one...) which the landlord said was "mostly a formality"

*bounce bounce bounce*

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