February 23rd, 2005


The New Apartment

Things I will not miss when we move to the new apartment (this is mostly commentary about our current liveing situations)
I will not miss Darxus's electric stove.
I will not miss the crazy lady who lives above my apartment (and vacumes at 1:00am)
I will not miss haveing to drive home for 15 minutes to get more clothing for the next day(s)
I will not miss haveing my DVD collection and the widescreen projector 8 minutes from eachother (45 at rush hour... freshpond sucks at rush hour)
I will not miss Darxus's drafty windows
I will not miss comeing home at 3:30 am to find only one parking space left in the lot, while knowing that there are more than 3 vacant apartments in the building
I will not miss haveing to wonder what apartment my current pair of contacts are currently stored at (and i will not miss guessing wrong)
I will not miss haveing a bathroom without a fan or a window (i'm pritty sure that's not legal, or it's not legal in VA anyways) therefore haveing no recourse for the mirror fogging when i shower.
I will not miss parking on the pot-hole ridden sidestreet next to Darxus's place
I will not miss worrying about where people can find parking when they come to my place.