March 1st, 2005


I'll have your people call my people

When oh when did i get so busy? I mean really. "um, i think i can do coffie with you from 4-6 on thursday, i might beable to swing that friday instead if you need." I'm booked to the hilt through saturday night, and i'm talking like planning out hourly incraments, some of which is spaced for homework and apartment cleaning, but still! I'm missing birthday things for a wonderful important lady in my life because i've been booked those dates for a while, in one instance for two months already, and have obligations to other people. I've had to re-schedule stuff with another wonderful person a bit too much now. Hell, i even re-scheduled therapy this morning! I'm about ready to tell it all to go to hell. I'm almost wishing I wasn't going down to NYC for part of my spring break, just so i can have more time to breathe. (Don't worry, I'm still comeing down. moxie77, you need to let me know which day you got off in addition to wednesday so i can make plans accordingly hon)

I also need more relaxing time with darxus. "it would be nice if you could go to bed when I do one of these nights" "yea, it would, wouldn't it?" *sigh* Trying not to just say fuck it all.

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