April 3rd, 2005



Notes to Self on Patchwork

Masochist: someone who decides to use stretch velvet with other fabrics.
If you are sewing a piece of quilting fabric to a piece of stretch velvet, put the quilting fabric on top.
When doing patchwork with different types of fabrics, the squares will not line up perfectly. Ever.
If you can't figure out which is the "good" side after 3 minutes of staring at the fabric, it really doesn't matter.
Anything true of stretch velvet is true of other stretch materials.
Satin is really easy to work with
Vinyl is easy to work with, at least in comparison to stretch velvet.
Eyeballing it isn't always good enough.

Stop fretting, she loved them :-)

Future Projects

All satin pillows
All stretch velvet pillows might be easier to get a happy result if everything is stretching funny
Use random-shaped triangles
Use random-length (same width) strips

I should start setting aside a 4x4 square or so of every fabric I use, for future quilt.
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So darxus and I went to TAGS today and picked out paint chips. I would like to start painting next weekend. The color scheme, for the downstairs atleast, is more muted and tame than I would prefer, but it's a compromise, as boy would like the entire place white (gah)

Anyways, if anyone would like to help me, that would be wonderful. I'm planning on doing some stuff myself, because that's how I am, but boy is gonna be rideing on Sunday, and company during the day, to help me paint, would be awesome. You will be compensated with food, and I promise it will be fun. You can also help me brainstorm as to what to do with the hideous green mantel. It will not be staying green.


PS, I currently plan on painting much of the weekend. If Sunday doesn't work for you, and you would like to help out, and another day (including Friday anytime past Noon) that would be swell, just let me know.
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