April 9th, 2005


Purple Painting Putty

So the kitchen is purple! and it's so pritty! and the color of the paint is vastly different depending on the lighting. but i like all the shades of it. However, there is still trim to paint. And the bathrooms (yes, plural) still need to be done in the purple. I was gonna do the full bath tonight, while Darxus was out playing. But the "painters putty" i bought sucks. The directions say to make into little pointy cone shaped things in your hands, and then have directions what to do if you get it on your skin. and it's not sandable. Should have read the directions before buying the sh*t.

But there will be more painting tomorrow! The walls of the living room, "nook" and possibly the dineing room too. I'm not as optomistic at this point to get all the trim done too, but hopefully started. The windows all have to be painted too :-/

So people are comeing over starting at 11 to help me paint. Darxus will be off geeking over motorcycles. If you want to come help, let me know. I'll give you address/directions. There will also be food provided, possibly chineese from around the corner (haven't tried yet. might wander down there now and pick up a menu. see if they deliver. I'd go get real putty, but Darxus has the car)

I'm so happy with this purple. There are some touch ups that need to be done (I've pulled off about half the tape. Previous sucky painting jobs make mine look less good.) but not until after the trim in the kitchen is painted. And I'd do that this evening, but there is sanding and putty stuff that needs to be done to the trim in the kitchen too. *sigh*

I guess I'll start tapeing off the livingroom tonight instead.

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