April 11th, 2005



There is probably still paint in my hair, even though i just showered. That's ok. It's like a battle scar (which I somehow aquired on my forehead this weekend as well.) There is fresh paint on the walls in the kitchen, in the living room, and off the nook in the living room. I don't know when I'll get around to the rest of it (probably may, ugh) and i need to do trim in those rooms. But they look so much better just with the fresh coats of non-yellowy or yellow paint.

And tisana was surprised by the hideous yellow in the bathroom. That's 'cause I haven't painted the bathroom yet. That might get one one bored afternoon before May. But that yellow was my kitchen. This is why it is now purple. (and so will be both of the bathrooms. Muahaha.)

Thank you: asciikitty buxom_bey tisana and my friend Deb from Lesley (who probably doesn't have a livejournal) for helping me out at various points this weekend.

Also, I did some gripeing about darxus not helping, but, in his defense, I did schedule it such that he couldn't help on some of it. And it's not like i'm gonna paint his room for him. And it's not like I'm gonna let either of those rooms go unpainted throughout the summer.

Now if I had just bothered to do schoolwork this weekend... this is why I'm not painting again until May.

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