April 19th, 2005


No Diesl

I will not be going to the Diesl today. I have alot of library work to get done, and alot of work otherwise, some of which I have to do before midnight today, others that have to be done before classes tomorrow. I'm gonna find my library card, and then check out Arlington's library for a while.

Hopefully this will not be the case next week, but it's really likely that I won't beable to show up until May.


PS I need a school icon. I should install photoshop on this thing...

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You know what's a good Idea? Lets do a project on the health care system in a country with less freedomes than Iran. And then, let's stick Kris with finding out "specifics" after we've found out generalitites.

Yes, this is a good Idea.

For makeing Kris more of a bitch than she already is.

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