April 22nd, 2005


My week.

Monday: Couldn't get birth control perscription filled.

Tuesday: I fee like something stupid happened here, but I couldn't tell you what. Oh. Not being able to find research on my project, which included stumping the Librarian at the Arlington Library. He was really nice and appologetic though.

Wednsday: ATM ate my ATM/Check Card. This was OK, 'cause I had the foresigt to order a new one a few weeks befoer.

Thursday: Web Reg didn't suck, but worked in Opera when it wouldn't work in Firefox (Just weird...) Went to the bank to get my replaced check card. they never recieved it Had to talk to person on phone, said it was sent out two weeks ago, said it had been mailed to the bank in Harvard Square 2 weeks ago, meaning it should have gotten there 10 days ago. Ordered a new one. Went to staples. The guy rung me up wrong, then got mad when I corrected him. I'm not gonna pay an extra $2 so he can be secure in his idoicy.

Friday: Forgot my wallet at home. Realized this when I tried to buy juice/water at school. Awesome lady that works in the student cafe on south campus said i could pay her back Monday. Score. Rox was kinda enough to not make me feel like a jerk for not haveing my wallet, and bought me pizza. Yea Rox!

There were good things in there, like dinner Monday, and sneaking flowers to someone Tuesday, and the being at Rever Beach with Griffin Sunday Night. Darxus and I saw Sin City last night... sooooo goood. I need to own that when it comes out. Oh, and lunch with Rox today was good.

On the agenda this weekend: Mostly Homework. Teaching Irish boy to make grapeleaves. Learning how to count in Gaelic. And, of course, projects and Papers. Does not look like Metlafest is going to happen :-/

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Moveing and Painting

Moveing Update: So I now have money to hire movers. This is good, as I have glass tables and a dresser I've never been responsible for moveing. This is also good, 'cause I can now pay people to move the couches in, instead of attatching winches to the house, or somehow tricking Darxus to find people to help him do it. It also means I can move on a week day. "Yea!" I will be done with everything but one final on the 6th of May. That last final is the 11th. I am currently thinking of haveing the movers do their thing the 24th (Tuesday) This means, instead of goating all my friends into lifting heavy objects on the 21, I can goat people into helping me paint that weekend. Yea! I may do more painting prior to that weekend, I hope. I want the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and most, if not all, of the attick done before June 11th. I'd really like most of it done before the 24th. I'm most concerned about haveing the Living room and dineing room completely done by the 24th, and the attick, well, that would be lovely too. So watch this space (and maybe your inbox) for painting updates, possibly with incentives (use your imagination kids!)
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