May 11th, 2005



So there is this really awesome fabric store (Fabric Corner)a few blocks down the street from us on the corner of Mass Ave and Mill Street. I went in there on... monday, after my "final" (read eating and talking at 10 am. we got points for showing up!) because I had seen the store, and was curious. Oh my GOD, did they have lots of quilting fabric. Now, I've started getting into this quilting thing, and I've been useing scizzors. No. I needed a rotary cutter, and a cutting matt, and a quilters ruler, and probably a good book, to teach me how to use the thing. The woman who worked there (maybe 60?) that was helping me decided to show me how to use the cutter, and the cutting bored, and saftey with these things (They are razor sharp) and I was in there for like, an hour, and didn't buy any fabric. But oh my god I'm never buying fabric anywhere else ever again. (ok, that's not completely true, but I appreciate good customer service, and will be there often. They don't have a great selection of specialty fabrics, and no remnents bins. But when I need quilting fabric off the spool, you best bet I'm going there.)

She also showed me a great little book on (specific type of project I want to do, shhhh... it's a surprise for someone on muy friends list) and suggested I do a practice project, and come in when i needed to do the binding, so she could show me!!! I mean, isn't that cool? I think so.

So slowly people can expect to maybe get quilts from me. Well, maybe, these things take time. But I love playing with pritty fabric, and If they are made well enough, which i'm being taught how to do, hand made quilts are machine washable. :-) *bounce bounce bounce*

Ok, I have another final in 2 hours, wheeee... the last one. Not worried about it at all (maybe I should be?). I also need to not get engrossed in Quiliting stuff too much and neglect packing and moveing, but damn, this is just so exciting. I've been intimidated by the prospect of trying to make real quilts myself, but i'm not anymore. I mean, I still am, but not so much that I'm paralized too much to try. It also helps to have the right tools!

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College Thoughts

You know, I made it through the semsester, and, unless something unseamly happened with that last final, or our project grade for abstract algebra, I atleast passed everything. This is the first semester of my three semesters at college that I really actually made it through the semester. The first semester, I stopped going to one 4 credit class and one 2 credit class. The second semester I stopped going to all my classes (dropped 2, and got a grade for one of them because the professor was too high to notice that I didn't take the final, or ever show up)

My therapist was talking about the fact that I had actually done this at therapy yesterday, and it hadn't really hit me then (partially 'cause I hadn't done this last final yet, and I was scared that I would punk out for some silly crazy-ass irrational reason). And it didn't really just hit me until I was telling Darxus that we should go to the cheesecake factory tonight to celebrate. And it's like "wow, I made it through a semester of college, and I really haven't done that before" So yea, Go Me. And I think I've pulled some decent (though, not stellar) grades in the process too. :-)
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