May 20th, 2005


More Grades

So I got two more of my grades since I last checked the website.
Health, Illness, and Society (Sociology) A-
Teaching, Learning, and Social Responsibility (1st year education course) B+

all of my courses are 3 credit courses, except for Teaching, Learning, and Social Responsibility, which is a 4 credit course.

so my GPA, so far, waiting for 1 grade that won't be less than a B, I'm sure of that now, is a 3.630.


I mean, I'm excited, and I worked hard, but I've never recieved grades like this. I'm a slacker. There were one or two small assignments I didn't turn in. I procrastinate. I hate formal schooling (but I love to learn)

Are you telling me I have a B+ average?!!!!!!!1!1!!!1!!!one!!!!

Man, this is like, crazy.

I think I'm in shock...
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