May 25th, 2005



So I had movers come yesterday. They were fun, funny, and fairly good. However, there were some administrative/monitary inconsistancies that would make me not use them again. Sad.

It is so nice to live with couches again. They had to be lifted up through the windows on the porch. So did my boxspring (though we later learned that it could have been brought up the back staircase, unlike the couch. While Darxus's couch is now out of the garage, my boxspring is sitting in its place. Yep, that's right. My boxspring could not fit up the attick staircase. Fuck. So I'm stuck with a mattress on the floor sans-boxspring for now. And the boxspring couldn't be put into the basement, for the same reason it couldn't fit up the front staircase. I will have to do some investigateing into what I want to do about this.

I need to re-arrange furnature. I cannot move my couch by myself. I definately cannot move my coffie table by myself.

The boxes have overtaken the kitchen.

And I still have lots of crap back at the old place. I need to work on that tomorrow, before Serenity.

Man, still really overwhelming, but nice to have furnature. So nice to have furnature.