July 9th, 2005



cricketor's last post prompted me to go to the Manray Website and this is what I found:


We would like to inform you of what is now ocurring at ManRay. Our last night open will be Saturday, July 30th, 2005 in the building that we are now located in. Don't worry though it is just temporary. ManRay will open once again within a few months, but at a different location, which will be diclosed at a later time.

Please Join us in our last days and meet the gnomes that have kept the magic alive here at ManRay for over 20 years :)


Ok, I knew a while back there were hearings or something on the owners of the building/lot wanting to turn the space into more condos or something, and hell, half the neightboorhood wanted to club to stay or something. Either they lost or... something else. I'm scared that Manray *Won't* re-surface, and if it does we all know it will be in the city and not in Cambridgeville, which is part of the nice thing about Manray... that it's that much closer. (Ok, the really good thing about Manray is the HBB goth chicks... but hell...)

Fuck. Apparently I need to get my goth on this month...
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