July 14th, 2005


On insurance

So I just had an insurance salesman try and sell me something that was pritty fucking analagous to what I already have... except I get a well visit after being a member for a few decades and I get 2 more sick visits a year. Oh, and my hospital benefits are worse.

I want real health insurance damn it! Real health insurance that doesn't mean I have to go to a student center and swear up and down I'm not pregnant before haveing them begrudgingly write me a refferal to my real doctor... 'cause no fucking student health center doctor is going to put her fingers up my cunt.


Nchanter's Day of Update Doom

Ok, last update today, I swear. This is about crafting, and it's a little cryptic. You have been warned.

So I have been planning a crafty "surprise" for my girls. I use "surprise" in quotes 'cause this is clearly an un-locked post.

I've been wanting to start working on this for about a month. I've been haveing difficulty picking fabrics, the style in which to do it in, the construction method, etc.

First raid through my fabric stash made it clear that I didn't have the correct fabrics (as in prints) for this project. 3 trips to the fabric store and far too much $$ (mostly spent on fabrics I'm not useing for this particular project, but in an effor to expand a particular part of my fabric collection) I finally have the correct fabric selections that "speak" to me.

After a few hours of sketching I have come up with a design Idea I *love*

Now: to exicute. Which comes, of course, right as I finally start my class next week, and I'm going camping this weekend.

But this all makes me happy. Which reminds me, I have e-mails to send out. *plot plot plot*

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