July 16th, 2005


Update on Health and Crafts

First off... I should explain my bitching about needing to get into the Doctor.

Wednesday night Darxus and I were haveing dinner at the Bickfords in Woburn 'cause we were in that neck of the woods and it was 9:30 pm, and I ordered a Turkey Club, Fries, and Coke. About half way through dinner the back of my throat felt scratchy, so did my tounge, and my lips felt like they were starting to swell. I stopped eating, asked if my food could have come into contact with fish at all (no), and got $5 off of our dinner bill. Ok, fine, one freak low-grade reaction. Note: I've been eating Turkey Club's at Bickfords since I was 15.

Thursday night Darxus and I go to Jimmy's Steer House in Arlington (really good steak!) And I ordered the Steak Teriaki (so so nummy, their maranated steak tips are good too) with spinach & rice and a cola with grenadine (cherry coke) and there was a salad and bread. Half way through my entree and boom... same feeling. I stop eating. I sipp at a glass of water, but this time my throat is sore as well, so it's a bit hard. We leave, pick up some bennadryl, and I pass out from the druggedness of takeing two bennadryl on a stomach that hasn't eaten enough food in the past 24 hours.

Darxus cancled camping, 'cause I didn't think it was a good ida for me to go.

Friday morning I call my doctor, and am able to get in at 11:45. Because I have diagnosed food allergies and I was haveing reactions in my mouth/related to my throat, my doctor agreed I should see an allergist, and she gave me some samples of Zertec (sp?) to take once daily until I get in to see the allergist. I decided that I shouldn't drink and that I'm only going to eat food prepaired at home (we'll see how long that lasts, but I can try) until after we get this figured out. I'm still groggy. Have tisana over for dinner since we knew she was free that night, and cooked chicken, pasta, and really awesome yummy "I can't believe these turned out this well" asparagus all with light seasonings/flavoring all of stuff I was pritty damned sure was safe. lots of olive oil for all three, (which if I was allergic to all of a sudden would certainly be my death, I'm medditeranian and cook it for goddesses sake,) fresh basil and tomatoes for the pasta, garlic and tarragon for the chicken, and lemongrass and salt and pepper for the asparagus. It was light, flavorfull, and, most importantly, non-reactive. Yea for dinner's that don't cause me to think the world is comeing to an end!

Today, and I'm still feeling slugish, and my tounge still feels a little large, but other than that I'm fine. English muffins and Cream cheese and grape jelly all seem to still be safe, as do apples. This whole thing is scary though, and is leaving me very low-energy. I'm really glad I'm not out in the woods in the middle of nowhere (vermont?) right now, though I am getting some crafting done :-) However, I made a major major major error in my plan... and it's suffering for that. I'm kinda upset, but will just try and trudge through it. The girls are forgiving.

Tonight, we have a party to go to, since we aren't in the woods, and I plan to attend but not drink any alcohol, as, well, that just seems prudent. If you see me tonight, and I'm seeming kinda tired, this is why.


Lack of planning :-(

So I often plan my patchwork crafty endevors to pieces, so much so, that I often never do them. Well, I didn't do that with this current bit... and there was just... I've waisted a few yards of fabrics... most of which I do have more of, which is good. One of the prints I don't, which is sad, but I have another print that will work almost as well. But it doesn't have the purple bits in it :-(

However, I *have* figured out how to get what I want, or rather, how to get it to look the way I want it too. I'm still working on some of the logistics, like figureing in for seam allowances, but this should work.

That, and I think I have an Idea or three for what to do with the wasted bits of fabric. It, of course, requires buying *more* fabric, either black on black or white on white, depending whom I make it for. Either taht, or a really funky colorful skirt-thing that I may never actually wear... but looks kinda cool in my head.

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