July 17th, 2005



I'm tired. I'm just fucking drained. I got a migraine last night that might have been caused by the Zertec. Suck. If I get another migriane tonight after takeing it I'm fucking stopping takeing it.

My body is refuseing to process much more than carbohydrates at this point. Sux. I don't blame it for being mad at me, except I didn't do anything wrong, it changed on me, god damn it.

Bought Quiliting books and magazines today. Yeeee!

Bought a Sleeve for my Laptop, finally. This will be good for getting work done. Also bought pritty pens and a notebook to arm myself with for class tomorrow.

Talked to my grandparents today. My grandfather's arthritis is still makeing it hard for him to walk. He's also haveing stomach problems. He's loosing weight kinda rapidly. I might take a week between summer classes and fall semester and go out there, because I love them. Still working this out in my head. Will bring lots of embrodery with me if I do, 'cause quilting isn't portable and Sittoo does love that I'm into this stuff.

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