July 29th, 2005


Good Shopping Karma

Went up to The Woburn Mall today 'cause I needed stockings (from fredricks) for the club tonight. I kinda wandered into The Fabric Place, and there was lots of good stuff in the remnents bins *and* it was buy one, get 1/2 off the second. So, because they were remnants and 'cause of the 1/2 off I got 10 yards of assorted quilting fabrics for about the price of 4 off of the bolts. Go me. And I got two somewhat-interesting quilting books, that I might have not bought otherwise, but they were again with the buy one, get the second 1/2 off.

And then I went to Pier 1 'cause I need new candles for my alter (every time I move, i replace the candles. it's a thing) And I got a setup I really really like, and they were haveing a "back to school" sale and you get 15% off with a student ID, and, woah, I have a student ID, 'cause I'm a student, so YEA!!! Then I went to trader joes to pick up the to-die-for smoked gouda, which I am eating as my lunch.

So I gots the good shopping karama today.


(no subject)

We're not going to Manray tonight. Sorry to dissapoint. Darxus isn't in the mood, and I feel no real need to push him as Wednesday was really fun. And I'm not walking through central w/out him in the stuff I was thinking of wearing.

They will be re-opening, and I'll have time to display sexyness then.


PS. I got three pages of writing done. Non-school related writing. I may have to start creating more filters. Like I said: just do.
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