August 5th, 2005


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Got my suprise done 22 days early. Wow. But now I'm stuck on what I should craft next. I want to do a smaller wall hanging so i can actually attempt to quilt. Something that might just be 4 blocks with a boarder. Something that might look halfway decent in the nook off of the living room. But I'm kinda stuck when looking at block patterns. Yesterday I'm sure I knew what I wanted to do, but I didn't write it down. However, I have one or two pages "dog eared" in one of my block-pattern magazines, and I'll probably settle on one of those. After that, I want to do a Twin-Sized Quilt for a friend at Lesley before she moves back into the dorm. After that, I have a lap-quilt idea for use with the mis-cut fabric from the surprise. It will be applique. I should play with fusable web before I attempt that to see if i want to use it for the applique, as it will probably make everything go a lot smother. I've been kinda putting off haveing to use an iron in my projects though so far. buxom_bey wants me to make a quilt for her out of some fabric she already has, which I'm totally stoked to do but want to get some more stuff under my belt first. While I'm decent at piecing, my quilting is right now relegated to straight lines due to limitations of not actually haveing a darning foot for my machine. I keep on forgetting to call the sears home appliance line during buisness hours to see if I can get one, or if I need a whole new machine. I'm contemplating looking at long-arms for doing quilting 'cause I think I'm really getting into this, and they apparently make the whole thing easier, but maybe just a really good regular machine will do the trick, 'cause this is just a hobby and it's not like I'm all-of-a-sudden changing my life-goals to professional fiber artist and it's not like I'm retired with grandkids and need to make baby quilts every 3 minutes (though I totally expect to be makeing baby quilts for people in the next few years)... and those tend to be the majority of people who spring for a long arm. Though this would be a christmass present I would be asking for, as those things are expensive. Either way, the $120 machine I bought a few years ago is good for piecing (when I have the tension set right... that makes a *huge* difference)

I should take thiamoon up on her offer of fabric and quilting supplies 'cause I am haveing way too much fun with the little I have done so far...
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