August 29th, 2005


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Had a fairly good weekend in the total balance of things. Revere beach at midnight with my girls made me nastalgic for my last family of choice... until i realized how much cooler this one is (sorry Shawn, they are)

Ebay is evil. That's all I'm going to say on that. However, I am convinced I got good deals for what I did buy. I'm so done, really. Except for fabric for the block swap, which will be done at a local fabric store.

The girls liked their surpises... might link to pictures later this evening. I'd have to get pictures up for that to happen...

I'm leaving tomorrow for PIT. I'm not sure if the neighboors wireless will hit my laptop, so I might not check e-mail or livejournal until I come home this weekend. If you need me, call my cell. Darxus will have my grandmother's phone number in case of emergency, but my cell should have decent reception.

Got laundry done :-) I should pack.


Quilting Squee

So I was just going to throw up a few pictures of my quilting but I created a little quilting webpage on But Namezero is causing pop-ups (booo) if you go through so go via This Link I'm switching to gandi for name registration and Darxus for my e-mail as soon as I get back from Pennsylvania. For real this time. Y'all should go take a look at my pretty quilting stuff, included the surprise that I made for my girls!

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