September 6th, 2005



Call my hairdresser and get an appointment for this week... but do the purple this morning so when she bleaches me out again I can go blue, like really blue, for a few weeks. With bits of purple underneath :-)

Go to my allergist appointment at 2


Inbetween: Unload and re-load the dishwasher. Maybe put my clothes away. Quilt, damn it!

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Well *that* was fun

Went to the allergist. Needed blood drawn. Had trouble finding a vein. Got nervious. Passed out.

Passed out.

Came to. Had no idea where I was. Who the hell are these people? Why do I feel like I'm going to throw up?

Remembered. Laid down (I stayed mostly upright through that entire process) Got chocolate and water. Finished the exam (blood pressure was fine about 5 minutes after passing out.) laid down somemore. Still felt panicky. Got up the first moment I thought I would be able to drive myself home, scheduled another apointment about a month from now (thank god they gave me alittle card, I couldn't for the life of me tell you when it is) went out to the car, turned the AC on for the first time since the gas prices spiked, called darxus, drove home (thinking I was going to throw up the entire way) grabbed my top and my cell and crawled into bed. called mom, left voicemail. Called kim and talked to her. Mom called me back, was very proud of me for handling this situation all by myself. made me feel less panicky.

Still in bed with laptop. Not going to the diesl. Just failed at not asking Darxus to come home early. If he says he can't, that's fine, but I fucking needed to ask.