September 7th, 2005


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I'm feeling much much better. Once I fell asleep I apparently slept. Darxus and I ordered chineese food last night, 'cause there was no way in hell I was going to cook and he didn't want to cook and I was not getting out of bed! Except I got out of bed at sompoint and we watched 2 episodes of Futurama, and apparently we missed a disk (or two) when we watched through them before, because we totally hadn't see the buricrat episode before. I must say that Grade 19 was HOT.

So yea, all plans for this week (especially shopping with Mink today) is back on. Tomorrow I have a hair appointment. I died my hair purple yesterday. I'm getting it foiled tomorrow, and then I'm going to throw blue on it tomorrow. So it will be blue streaks with some purple underneath. I might do purple tips on the blue streaks 'cause, well, I need *some* purple, but it's going to look wicked cool.

Friday I have classes. *squee*

Saturday I take the MTEL and then there is this little party that no one ever goes to that I *guess* I'll stop by for... *grin*

Oh, and Gwen comes home Thursday! For like, two weeks! *more squee*

Damn, I'm just so happy these days. It's silly!

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