September 17th, 2005


Thoughts on Time and Paper Piecing

First off... oh my god I put *way* too much on my plate for quilting projects before christmass! It was a reasonable amount, and it might still be, but I forgot how much time and energy school takes. And then I have my social life!

I tried paper-piecing for the first time ever this afternoon and *oh my god I think I like it* I was a bit skeptical at first, but once I tried it with a really tiny stitch, I fell in love. I forgot to put it back to my "normal" stitch length when piecing stuff for my cardtrick block project afterwards, and I was wondering why it was takeing so much longer to sew two triangles togeather... hehe.

I bought fabric today for the swap I'm doing with quilting and a "flag" project that is in the current issue of Quilting Arts that I'm having to re-design because someone is a boring un-creative heathen who never answers me streight. *nchanter growls in his general direction.

The reason I am paper piecing is for that swap. Their directions were actually much better than I orginally thought, though they don't actually save their .jpg files correctly and I have to re-size the templates in photoshop for them to print out at the size they should. Grrr. But the actual process of paper piecing makes me finally understand the directions in my crazy quilt pattern book (really pretty block designs, really shitty directions) and that means I might tackle that project idea... like, eventually.

Someone want to pay me to just be crafty for the rest of my life? Yea, thanks.