September 24th, 2005


Ride Number Two

So we went riding again today, mostly to get me appropriate gear so I can ride more. Went to MotoMarket in Acton, which is where Darxus' helmet, gloves, and maybe something else is from. I bought a pair of REV'IT! Water-proof gloves (actually, Darxus bought the same pair in an appropriate mens size. I apparently chose well!) And looked at jackets. I'm putting off buying pants 'cause this stuff is expensive. Looked at everything they had in the store, and really liked the REV'IT! stuff for ladies gear. I decided I wanted something more feminine and not something unisex, and they had the most stylish stuff, in both leathers and textile. What really shocked me is the thing that caught my eye the most was a textile jacket, not a leather. It's the REV'IT! Luna, in black and gray. They had a 34 (XXS) and while it fit, if I had been wearing a shirt that wasn't so thin it was transparent I'm not sure it would have, and then next size they had in stock was a 42 (L). Yea, no. They already have another shipment on the way so they said they would give me a call because a 36(XS) shoudl be in the shipment. Once home we looked at the website and at other dealers and buying directly from REV'IT! would cost us the same, maybe more with shipping, so I think I'll go back to MotoMarket to buy it when they get it in. Also, hopefully they will also get the 38 (S) in as well which will be good for comparison, and just to make sure I get the right fit.

It was much more fun riding the second time. I wasn't nervious at all. I enjoyed the whole thing a lot, which is good, and I told Darxus that I'll show him some of the fun backr oads in Weston/Lincoln/Concord that I use to drive on back in High School and we can go riding on them. Yea!