October 10th, 2005


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So I made some cute quilted "textile art" pieces for knowmebymylaugh for her birthday. I really like how they came out. I really like the process and the range of possibilities with these things. I also like that I found a good mounting/hanging on the wall option for them. The ones I made for her were like, 4x6 or something... maybe a little bit bigger, 5x7. I think I'm going to stick roughly with that size and do at least one a week to keep me creative and creating. I mean, I have a bunch of other projects (like actually working on my block swap stuff... needs to be mailed out in like, 3 weeks. gah!) that I'm working on but this is totally fun and stuff. And giving myself a minimum quota for a week on artwork means that, well, hell, I'll be doing art every week! I feel so much more whole when I'm being all creative-like. Yea! Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of these panels (I ran into timing issues yesterday... an errand that should have taken me 10 minutes took me over an hour and a half... and so I was finishing them into the start time of her birthday party) but as more shall come, I'll put up a gallery of them all up on my website. I really need my own digital camera though 'cause Darxus's kinda sucks for stills. I need to figure out which one I want and then e-mail my mom and tell her which one to get me for my birthday or Christmas. And I need to go back to the sewing machine store in Woburn and see if I can try out the top 2 machines I want (or some similar ones, they may not have the Quilters Editions in stock) so my grandmother can send me a check so I can get my birthday/Christmas present so it can aid me in making Christmas presents. :-) I also need to play with fusible web applique before trying to construct things for my mom and my grandparents.

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