December 21st, 2005



So I'm almost at the point where I can limp around w/out crutches. Though I think some sort of walking assistance would be good. I could, if I really had to, limp about without them right now, but I'm trying to not aggravate the injury. This is good timing as I still need to do laundry before flying out on Friday. I think I will be mobile tomorrow. But I would really like use of a cane.

A-does anyone have one I could borrow for a bit?

B-does anyone know where I can get one?

I figured I'd call my Dr.'s office and ask, but I figured I'd ask the magic of LJ first...

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Christmas is Sunday?! I fly out in ~ 42 hours?!

Too much to do, too little time, way too little mobility...

I'm not as far along in the walking as I thought I was. Though I'm not currently on Aleve, so taking some might help that. Also, getting the cane, which I now have plans to do, should help with that. Really, I just want to be able to pretend to walk some tomorrow and Friday. I can sit on my ass the whole time I'm in PA -- that's fine with me.

Also, this is me asking for help: Can anyone come over tomorrow day/afternoon and help me get to the laundromat and do a load? I can't carry a basket in and out of a car even with a cane. Or down a staircase. Evening will work too, but is less ideal.