January 23rd, 2006



First Day back to school and I have Snow??!!!

This totally kills my idea of wearing my air cast today, as I have no snow-appropriate shoes to wear it with.

The questions now is: To wrap (my ankle) or not to wrap, which also severely limits the shoes I can wear. Or not to wrap & use my cane. I think that might be the best (if the most annoying) option.

Goddess, I miss my snow boots (And haven't replaced them yet 'cause it's only in the past week I've been going out of the house w/out my foot wrapped or in an air cast. Wrapping my foot is, I think, doing more harm then good, as long as I don't hurt myself)

First Day of School

Today was fairly awesome.

I'm not drained, as I expected I would be. Not having 8am classes might be contributing to that. :-)

I saw Lesley and Julie and I must have squeeled. We had lunch togeather, + Rebecca, who I don't know as well, but is Julie's roommate and is fairly nifty.

All of my professors seem awesome (so far) and the subject matter is all interesting. We've already learned stuff (on the first day!) in my CORE class (Content Area Reading for Grades 5-12) and the professor actually teaches at the grad school. He seems good. He handled us being all giggly and me being, well, me. I can be a total brat in class. It is sad Gary isn't in there though :(

The only downside of my school day was that security is saying I'll probably NOT get a parking pass for main campus because I live in Arlington. They have been known to turn down people who need to park on campus for medical reasons before. Meh. I'll figure something out if they deny me.

I didn't buy books today, will do that tomorrow when I'm at Porter. So no homework yet tonight.

I forget how much I love being in classes.


Another thing!

My Economics professor wants us to read the Wall Street Journal and The Economist!!! And was pleased that I knew how much houses in Eastern Mass go for (and wasn't too surprised that I was the only one. I was. How do people not KNOW this stuff?) He wants us to keep abreast of current Economic issues, so listening to Marketplace on WBUR counts as Homework. :-)
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