April 25th, 2006


Sweet Home Ala... Massachusettes

I'm home from Alabama. I miss her already. A lot. I don't remember the last time I spent that much consecutive time with one person and didn't want to strangle them. I didn't even come close. There was much crafting. And the best quilt shop ever. And cats that thought eating my toes in the morning was good (it is not. they have sharp teeth)

But there are ways in which being home is good. Three weeks after I put down a deposit I have an apartment. Go me. And I missed Monster. And things.

And now, against my better judgement , partially fueled by hunger, I'm going to go to the diesel to get a salad and work on embrodery. Y'all will have to excuse my crispyness though, as I haven't exactly gotten a lot of sleep lately...



Today is toally fired. I'm not even going to go into all that has been sucky. Getting out of Sara's bed was the first mistake. However, the layover in Newark wasn't as bad as the one going south, mizarchivist made me a three-cd Ani compilation, the LL finally signed the lease on the place I'm moving to in Five Days, asciikitty is good for crying on at 20,000 feet, and Monster still loves me. Also? The Fifth Salad at the Diesel is still the best salad ever. Oh! And I'm buying a sock creature from bbbsg! People should check out her journal for a post about them. They are the best sock creatures ever.

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