April 28th, 2006


Is this a sign?

So you know how if you drink a soda right after chewing gum, it tastes funny? Yea. So I had gum in my mouth this morning and picked up a case of cherry coke at the grocery store. I got home, pitched out the gum, and opened up a can of cherry coke. And I noticed it tasted funny, but I figured it was the residual gum taste. So about 20 minutes go by, with me trying to space out the sips, and it's still tasting funny. Then I notice my vision getting a bit spotty, and my head, in the migrain spot, starting to hurt. I take another sip, it STILL tastest funny, and then I look at the can.

I accidentially picked up a case of "C2 coca cola" I blame this on the re-design of the cherry coke packaging, which is less destinct then ever.

So I've drank half a can, about 6 ounces, of C2. Which contains almost as much aspertame as diet coke.

I am going to take 3 aleve, go out and get REAL soda, before the light sensitivity kicks in. I am then going to lay down until people show up to help me pack. FUCK.

For those of you who don't know, I am near-allergic to Aspertame/NutraSweet. It causes severe severe migrains in me. It's not a fatal reaction, like cashews and fish can be, but it isn't what I needed to have happen two days before I move...
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Because I am unable to make a bloody decision...

I am asking the collective wisdom of y'all.

Cable -- Comcast or RCN? This will be in Cambridge. If I were staying in Arlington, I'd just do RCN. But their service seems to vary by area. Comcast is also the Evil Empire. Choices choices.

Pillow Forms. In an attempt to find them at reasonable prices, I came upon a website called Pillow Forms Online. Obviousely this is the cheepest I am going to find them. But it provides very little information on the quality of the product. I'd be doing poly-fill or poly-cotton blend, as people do have down allergies (my dad did) and, well yea. Would y'all go with them? It's really tempting.
If I don't go with them, I'll probably order from SoftShapesDirect

For referace: A 14" very good quality polyfill pillow form retail is about $7.

-Kris, who now needs to deal with utilities, which is productive without having to stand, something her body doesn't want her to do right now.
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