May 26th, 2006


4:30 am

For some reason I have awoken at 4:30 am and can't get back to sleep. This is... not fun. It's not like I got to sleep crazy early or something. It was probably around midnight or 12:30. Soo... 4 hours?

Anyways... Since I'm up...

I'm doing OK at the moment. Sara is in Ireland, which is farther then Alabama. It also means she's not on AIM or cell phone accessable, which sucks. I hope she's having a wonderful time. I'm mostly settled in the new place. Still too many boxes laying around, but mostly non-critical stuff. Except I can't find the pair of boots tisana got me, or my sneakers, both of which are more comforatable for walking than my "default" boots. Need to find those. Been doing lots of walking.

Mom was up here last week. That was (mostly) good. We did get into it on stuff like why I had to tell her I had a capital-g Girlfriend. She just doesn't get it. At all. *sigh* I guess it's good she's trying. She bought me fun useful things, and I convinced her NOT to buy me stupid organizational things, like a metal thingy to put on the inside of the under-the-sink-kitchen-cabinet-door to store plasic bags. That would have been a total waste of money, in my opinion. I can store plastic bags inside another plastic bag under the sink, without the fancy gadget.

eldrad moves in next Monday. Yea! Though I'm tres busy... probably all of next week. And then I start classes on the 5th of June. I'm... not looking forward to my summer classes. They are at Bunker Hill, and if they are anything like the class I did there last summer, they won't be a huge intellectual sink or time drain, other than the actual going to class part.

OK, I'm gonna go... read or something. Maybe, hopefully, I'll fall back asleep for a bit.

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I am putting togeather my calender for June (and July) and I feel like I'm missing things. So tell me if there are things I am invited to, or plans we made. If I have an e-vite i know about it. Comments are screened, so you can tell me about things I'm invited to that the rest of the world isn't.

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