September 7th, 2006


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+ asciikitty is back!
+ Classes have started back up, and I am learning
- Classes have started back up, and there is homework
- Classes have started back up, giving me less inclination to be social than I had this summer, which was fairly low
+ My parking LL realized I was *right* (But only 'cause I had physics on my side. "Wow. Didn't realize your car was this long")
+ There is a temporary parking solution that I am happy with
- Not sure about the long-term solution
- Rings have not yet been found
+ In the middle of cleaning/organizing my room and other parts of the apartment, which desperately needs to be done
- However, this means that things are even more of a mess in the mean time
+ But I have the motivation to work on it a bit every day
+ I have a very busy and potentially fulfilling weekend ahead
- I have a very busy and potentially draining weekend ahead

But, for those of you who have counted, that's one more plus than minus, so I'm calling it a win :-)

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Found my rings!

Actually were where I thought I had put them. On the coffee table. But they were like, between stacked DVD cases...
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