January 23rd, 2007


Brief Update

'cause I'm wicked busy again all of a sudden. But I'm doing *well*

Enrolled in four classes, one of which is with a professor I *love* and one of which is on a subject I *love* Had first day of classes monday. It was good.

D&D on Monday... selling guns to the drow came back to bite us in the ass just a little bit. Not as bad as one would think. Yes, we sold guns to the drow. asciikitty was cleary absent from game that day...

Saw wonderful wonderful people today. Yay.

Flights between BOS or PVD and OKC need to be cheeper and more conviniently timed. It would be better if they were actually affordable out of BOS.


P.S. I'm not even vaugely pretending to keep up with livejournal. assume I haven't seen it.