February 22nd, 2007


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Why is my phone going off... it doesn't feel like 9:30. Man, am I just hung over? No... doesn't feel like a hang over, just feels like two hours less of sleep

"This is an Important call for [full legal name] from NorthWest Airlines. Your [Perfect Time] flight has been cancled and you have been booked on a [makes Nchanter's life scary] flight instead. Have a nice Day."


marphod brings nchanter the computer.

nchanter re-books the flight, to leave earlier and get there somewhat earlier (better than as later as they were gonna) and tries not to *Kill The Universe*

The universe is on notice. I am entitled to this bit of my happyness. I will rain down my wrath, my entire wrath, if it does not let this happen.

"I like the way you use language" -marphod
"What the fuck is THAT supposed to mean?" -nchanter

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so asciikitty put the following in her journal. I figured I would cut and paste to propigate. I realize I normally don't do these things, but I don't knitt and I think Lucy is awesome anyways...

Lucy at Mind's Eye Yarns would like to go to Korea this summer for an extended meditation retreat. Since Mind's Eye is my favorite place to meditate these days, I think this is a Good Thing. But. It looks like she'll need some extra business to make this happen - she's doing well right now, but saving for a trip isn't totally possible given business. How can we help? Well, local knitters can wander by and support the shop directly, which is cool.

"But Annie. I live in [someplace far away]. How can I help?"

"You could buy some of the extra super wonderful fabulous sock yarn she dyes. She's got an Etsy shop here"

The yarn is a dream to work with. It's amazing and wonderful and nice, and I love it with all of my power to love yarn. I'd buy it all if I were really rich.