August 2nd, 2007


well *that* killed my buzz

My Uncle Gabe died this morning. He's actually my great uncle, my grandmother's older (but not oldest) brother. He was like, 86 years old. He fought in WWII, was the quirky liberal in the family (even though he was an officer in the military, before becoming a professor), and like, cutting edge. He was the first person in the family to embrase VHS back in the day, everyone thought he was crazy. He had something to do with the development of Java. He had *everyone's* cell phone number and e-mail, including mine. even if he knew he wasn't gonna call that person, just to have. He was always bugging my grandmother to get a computer and the internet. so he could e-mail her pictures and stuff.

I grew up around him, 'cause he lived in Arlington, VA. I grew up around some of his grandkids. Yesterday, when I learned he went back into the hospital, one of my friends asked if I was close with him. I had trouble coming up with an answer. I mean, well, yea, kinda? Not like close like I am with my grandparents, but out of all my grandmother's sibilings, he was the one I was 2nd closest with. I know I am rather fond of him. He was a great little man.

Uncle Gabe stood about maybe 4'10" towards the end of his life. He often wore a baret. There is a painting of him, holding a computer chip, with stars and galixies and the like in the background, in the living room of his house in Arlington. His wife, Aunt Bess, was diagnosed with breast cancer back when I was in highschool. She didn't get chemo 'cause she was old. She actually survives him.

I'm... sad. He had a long, full, life. Filled with a great many things. He's someone who took advantage of the fullness of life. While I didn't see him much, I will miss him.