January 17th, 2008



So... I was gonna post about me in the art show when i had some teaser snapshots to share.

Not that togeather. BUT! I will have stuff in the art show, to include pillows (which are really way pretty, they came out better than i was expecting) and art quilts (one of which, again, came out way better than i was expecting)

I am also working registration.
Fri 2-4
Fri 6-8
Sat 9-noon
Sun 6-8:30
Mon 9:30-11

and... probably another shift 'casue i just added that up and it's 11 and a half hours. I thought I had signed up for 12. Hugh.

Sometime before Monday at 6 I need to build a Sorcerer for the D&D game. Yea. Possibly on Sunday from 6-8 :P

Now I go off to learn how to run the Reg System. And then go home and do more sewing.

And I need to do laundry before noon tomorrow too...


I used this icon 'cause it was taken at Arisia. I miss the shirt I was wearing in that picture.
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