January 22nd, 2008


Obligitory Post Arisia Post

OK. I ran into many of you at REALLY different points in the weekend. Honestly, my mood this past weekend varied a LOT. But even though I was wanting to go home Sunday afternoon, in the end my con experience was a positive one.

Short Re-Cap.

Registration -- I worked registration. I had a BLAST. It was really really fun. I worked with some awesome people who I have a lot of respect for. And it was remarked on how much awesome clue I have :) I was asked if I was going to be working registration again next year, and I answered with a resounding "Yes." Heck, I'm going to want to work more of Friday night and Early Saturday, 'cause that is when it is most crazy and that is when I felt I was being most useful :)

Drama -- There was social Drama. It was really icky at the time. It started to get really overwhelming. But in the end it worked out, and the situation that was related to the drama is better for the drama having happened, because it made me examine the situation more and forced conversations to happen in what was, I think, a fairly constructive way. I just wish it haden't eaten my Saturday night and most of my Sunday. But I am glad for the way the situation has worked out, and am an overall happier Nchanter for the momentary ick.

Art -- Well, I put stuff up in the show. None of my table pieces made it. Some of it was half assed, but some of it was really cool. Nothing sold, but that's ok, 'cause I got compliments on stuff (especially the repeated NFS piece) and the fabric collage piece. The fabric collage piece is totally not my colors... but I'm going to do more versions of that project in actual pretty colorways :) The really half-assed piece has inspired me to do a much larger not half-assed piece based on it that has the potential to be Teh Awesome.

Pi-Con -- Well, I failed to make it to much of the first party, and I was working during the Pi-Con meeting, but I showed up to the second party. I woudl call it a resounding sucess. We got people who wanted to be panelists, and someone who wanted to do an event (and somehow I didn't end up with his contact info... that makes me sad) and people who pre-registered (There was a special at-Arisia price of $20.) and most importantly got ME re-energized about Pi-Con. If you are interested in learning more about what's going on at Pi-Con, or want to get involved in our awesomeness, please please please let me know. :)

Friends -- I have some awesome awesome friends. Many of whom I don't see enough. I especially appreciate those who know to take my freaking out with a grain of salt, and humor me anyways. And eldrad, the best roommate and best friend a girl could have, who can manage me when I'm more crispy than the skin of a deep-friend chicken and still trick me into napping when I need it.

In conclusion: Arisia = yay! Deciding to be staff = double yay!! (The perks of Staff Den plus the Massage Den are, you know, wonderful, and the people who help staff those spaces better be getting extra good Karma from just doing those jobs.)