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here's my amusing "saved by the grace of god or an angel or something" story
i set my alarm for 6am, 'cause i still had work to do for the class, and i had a class at nine. well i don't know what happened, either i forgot to turn the alarm ON or I turned it OFF in my sleep. anyways, at 11:25, 35 minuts before my SM class (SM= Stage Management, not sado masachism) i wake up with a start, throw clothes on, drive into boston, park in the garage under the commons (don't have time to look for a street spot, nor do i have the quarters, and get into class about a minute and a half before richard, my advisor/teacher. ace the exam. explain about throwing up all week, and the alarm and such, and now i get to drop off the last of the work to him tomorrow or monday.

my shoulders feel lighter.

i am thinking i might take time off from emerson, or withdraw, and go the massage school route. i don't know if this whole college thing is working for me, or atleast not right now. but i'll wate and see how second semester goes, and think about it more then. but going the whole professional massuse route has appealed to me for a while, and we can ALL see me dressed like a hippie doing this, can we not? i mean, yea. maybe eventually go into buissness for myself, and not have to deal with bullshit of other people as much. i mean, i know college is important, but if i'm going to continue to fail classes, and be all frazzled, and have the stress compound sickness and make me throw up, it's not worth it. i really don't know why i'm there some days, i really don't.

i think i am going to go hang out with nick now, i told him i would be down there sometime between 6 and 7. he gets out of class at 6.

i go home on tuesday, then to pensilvania, then home for a day, then to the bahamas, then home for a day (notice a pattern) and then back here, on the 4th of january. i will then be moving apartments. ::sigh::

nchanter=very tired, but very relieved.

i need to figure out when we are seeing nemesis so i can call shana and tell her.

and i got all my cd's back. HAPPY KRISSY!


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