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my day, in short.

- watched enterprise at pink stucco with michael, katie, celest, and nea

- drove to stow to hang out with tim, katie chew, chevy, and dan

- tim has a shiney new mother of all bad ass cars (goes atleast 160mph) and it's BLACK wooo hooo

-run into toby, jesse, clint, noah, chris, and henry. that wasn't akward at all

-drive back from lexington to stow to get my car, decided to attempt driving home, despite the snow, since it HAD let up

-start driving, snow gets hevy again. never make it past stow. i spin out, 370 degrees, don't do any damage except, i was shaking like hell.

-call tim, decide it's a BAD idea to attempt to drive back to watertown, considering maynard, sudbury, lincoln and weston all SUCK at plowing, and it was just continuing to snow more

-am now at tims, and will return to the real world (aka anywhere actually NEAR boston) in the morning.

-i think i shall promptly go crash, if i can stop shaking.

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