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so i'm actually cleaning out my room right now on chester st. i'm taking a break to make this entry...

it's amazing what you find when you sort through boxes 3 years old. pictures of ex boyfriends, and ex best friends. there is stuff in my room belonging to griffin and kaos, and stuff from the days i was friends with toby. the latter, a bickfords comment card, scanned into a computer, modified, as a "barn girl comment card" there are some desparaging remarks, esp about the way i use to kiss (i have GREATLY improved, jesperson noted that a little over a year ago. he seemed quite pleased at it too *g*) that were made in good fun. i was tempted to keep it longer, but threw it out, that is from a time long gone, that i don't miss so much anymore. and i understand it now.

and there is so much stuff. i have SO much stuff. and i am sorting through it trying to get rid of some of it, but i know i can't, i wish i could. *sigh* so be it, so be it.

moving is so damned depressing, and i should get back to it.
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