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i love my father.

PWSnyder: Suppose to here from Oracle today or tomorrow.
PWSnyder: Tlked to a Sr. VP while in San D -- them seem very interested.
PWSnyder: Actually he came over to talk to me. They do know (and fear) web-TEA.
Nchanter X: fear?
Nchanter X: fear is good
Nchanter X: i like fear
Nchanter X: or rather, i like IMPOSING fear
PWSnyder: Yes! They may want us off the market and will pay -- i.e. job for me -- to get it off the market.
Nchanter X: that would be most excellent
PWSnyder: 8-)O:-):-D
Nchanter X: lol
Nchanter X: someone just descover the smily function?

oh, and for anyone who doesn't know, the smileys translate, in order, to little yellow circle with sunglasses, a halo, and a big grin.

i love my father. some days, i really am his son.

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