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so you may think this is directed at you, it probably is if you think it is. but i write something like this ever once in a while, and it's amazingly been a long time. so while i'm thinking about it...

on of my favorite things about livejournal is that it embodies free speech and the exchange of information. it's a place where anyone with access to the internet can voice what they are thinking, as publically or anonymousely as they wish. and other people get to read it. but no one is forced to. no one made you sign up for a livejournal account, or makes you add people to your friends list, or read other people's journals. if you don't like what you read, don't read it. if you think someone should censor themselves, go live in south-america. try venusela, they're on the verge of a major revolution (as they are right now experiencing a minor revolution. ) and i'm sure you'll find that reading someone's sex life, or how much they hate your best friend, or hearing about their new boyfriend is the biggest problem in your life. i am completely against telling someone, anyone, how to write in their livejournal.

now, as a community moderator, i do say that this rant only applies to personal journals. communities are different. there is usually more than one community for a subject (polyamory, bisexuality, poetry, women's issues, overweight women) so if you don't like that the moderator asks you to use a livejournal cut on entries over 5000 words or to not post pictures or to curb your language and not use the word faggot, you can go somewhere else, or start your own livejournal community. but telling people how they should behave on their own livejournal, which no one ever made you read, is just bullshit. like this rant. you don't like what i have to say, fine, post a comment. FLAME me for all i care. but don't think it will make a difference, 'cause no one made you read it. and yes, it's on your friends page blah blah blah you can always skip over it. i skim half of my friendspage normally picking out the intelligable posts. the less intelligable ones, the random referances to imaginary gods that you really don't belive in to begin with or horoscopes that i don't care about, i go back and read if i have the time. but see, once again, no one put a gun to my head to make me read them. and if i think it's repulsive, that your demeaning religion or talking about sex too much, it's my own damned fault for continuing to read.

i have been asked 1000 of times to curb what my boyfriend posts or what my best friend posts in reply to other people's comments, and my responce, free country. let them do what they will. 'cause when so many of our civil liberties are being taken away who the fuck am i to try and thwart another? that would be un-patriotic, and the FBI might try and come and take my ass and throw it in the cell with all the other missing arab americans, and wouldn't we all miss my daily ramblings about how much people suck and need to re-evaluate what they waste their time on.

also, one of my pet peevs as a type of post is bragging how drunk you get every three days. it's annoying. we all know you can't handle yourself, and drown youself in wine to overcompensate your own insecurities. grow up. and if i don't like that you do that I JUST DON"T READ

my livejournal. my rules. i'll write whatever i damned well please, and if you don't like it, suck it.


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