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so my laptop is now connected to the universe. yea!!!!! and i'm on zithromax for the sickness.... which is... good. i guess. today with james was good, low key, 'cause i'm still sick, but good. very good. our really romantic day consisted of out of the box pasta, watching the usual suspects, which was, how do you say sooooo goood, then staying in bed, cuddling mostly (like i said, i'm sick), and then running to best buy and buying a router. then we made the router work. ran into a few problems with my wireless card and comp, but got those fixed. then to friendlys for a quick cheep dinner, and then he went back to ivy-leauge land. but it was so good. he (and i'm sure the zithromax had something to do with it) made me feel so much better, though i'm still shaky. but i should beable to return to the land of the living on tuesday. yea!!!

oh, and there is a marathon or something of traiding spaces on on TLC. wooo hoooo!
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