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[Mar. 13th, 2003|11:14 am]
[emotional state |sillysilly]

i lied. again. i tend to do that. this one is no big deal. i am going to springfield tomorrow, not today, in lue of the fact that it is snowing more there than the weatherman said it would. well, that's no surprise, but it's really supposed to be such weather tomorrow as to NOT snow. and i AM going tomorrow. and i really am looking forward to meeting the illustriouse tami. it's kinda a shame that her LJ is friends onlied, 'cause the art she posts on there is so pritty, but i understand the friends-only ness, esp with some of the art she posts.

so instead of driving to srpingfield right now, i'm watching the price is right, and then i'm going to do homework. :-) woooo hoooo


[User Picture]From: chamberlain
2003-03-13 08:45 am (UTC)
You know, I have said this many timed before and I am sure you are tired of hearing it, but you know....

I am absolutely baffled that bob barker is still alive, I remember seeing him on TV even before I remember seeing Mr. Rogers...

Its odd how Mr. Rogers died before Bob Barker. When I first saw Mr. Rogers, he looked at least 5-10 younger than Bob Barker, and Bob is still alive and kicking.

I don't think that he is a human any more....I think he is a construct of the original. Bob actually did die several years ago, but the network did not want to get another host, besides everyone knows Bob Barker. So they created this construct to replace him. Just think about it. Do you ever see him NOT smiling? I don't think I ever have, and can one man that old be THAT active and happy? Just think about it...
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