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i like spring.

i'm happy. i am so so happy. ::bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce::

there is this girl... and i like her, and she likes me, and stuff.... and i don't know what else to say, except, well... no, i don't have a girlfriend. yet. i mean i hope that's what ends up happening, but i'm not going to get ahead of myself here, or scare her off (she reads my journal, hell, she's probably reading this sentance....::squeee::) i mean...

ok, so some of you know how i'm really bad ass chill around guys i like or want to fuck. i don't get all silly and girly, and i can hold myself well, and usually rope them in, atleast for a while. girls.... i'm so SCARED of girls. i get all silly and girly....

i haven't felt like this for a girl in a very long time. i mean, erykaa was three years ago, and even then it wasn't like this. the last girl i liked this much was probably, well, lala. i would say leigh, except leigh was all young and it was completely superficial. this is... i dunno, she's BEAUTIFUL, and smart, and artistic, and....

i'm going to stop now, before i embarass myself and get all blushing. oh wait, too late.

ok, i'm going to go bounce around more.

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